Roger Dubuis introduces Quatuor – Cooler than Tourbillon


This year Roger Dubuis, brand known for its beautiful tourbillon designs and very manly looks in luxury watchmaking has introduced something new. Instead of having a tourbillon in your 100 000 dollar watch fighting gravity, so that your time is kept right they installed 4 different mechanisms with vibrating wheels on each side of the watch (and there are 4 sides, thus the name Quatuor) to perfectly balance gravity from any point. This is some expensive stuff, and if you’re willing to invest $ 500 000 in a mechanical watch with latest innovations then this one’s for you! If you’re thinking of purchasing this watch to look cool – it’s also for you! Its not for you only if you don’t have $ 500 000 to spend…


“Master watchmakers, engineers and designers have worked hand-in-hand at each stage of development to achieve a perfect fusion of technique and design.
Maintaining this balance has affected even the smallest step forward. It has influenced the concept, fabrication, adjustment and
the decoration by hand of all the 590 components of the calibre RD101.” – Says the website. Yay!


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