The most complicated wristwatch yet by Jaeger LeCoultre

Hybris Mechanica a Grande Sonnerie is a watch. A watch consisting of 27 complications and more than 1,300 parts, available only in a limited series of 30 numbered timepieces. Before I tell you the price of this exclusive model let mebriefly list and discuss all of its features. First of all – design.


Made of 18 carat white gold the case looks like most of Jaeger-LeCoultre cases – elegant, expensive and sophisticated, yet modern.The actual time is displayed on the right side of the watch,showing Hours, minutes as well as the date. However that date is not the only date present on the watch; Grande Sonnerie includes a retrograde perpetual calendar, for which the dates are located on the left side of the watch, with their own arrow, and the day of the week or the current month can be read on the right side around the time.

hybDid I forget to mention a minute repeater? With the help of crystal gongs attached to 5 notes it can play 3 variations of the Westminster Carillons melody. It might be pretty useless, yet its still considered almost impossible to have all these complications in ONE 42 mm case.

As well as that the watch has not one but two mechanisms… and a tourbillon movement. The two mechanisms work separately (one for the time, another for the minute repeater), and with the help of the tourbillon, well concealed on the back of the watch it almost defies gravity and delivers close to perfect time keeping performance.

A watch with two mechanisms also has two reserves of charge indicators (top right, bottom right on the face of the watch). Another feature is the hidden button on top of the watch case between the metal and the leather strap – that button can set the perpetual calendar (and its main purpose is to set in for a new century after the year 2100, when the calendar supposedly ends. Needless to say, this watch is close to being perfect. For my taste it is. Of course some people might like rose or yellow gold more (and unfortunately this is the only variation of this model that exists) but this watch should be appreciated and loved not only for the look but mainly for what’s inside and how it all fit into a 42 mm (diameter) case, with only 39 mm of it for the mechanism, which measures 11 mm only in height.

Now, that you’ve seen the watch, and read what’s the deal with it, have your best guess at the price.. You might be thinking that I’m tricking you into thinking its overly expensive while its actually not. Well, its is overly expensive. This watch is one of the most expensive watches that I’ve heard of, and especially for a new watch (not being sold at an auction).

The price for this bad guy on the inside, and a choir boy on the outside is … $ 2.5 million. Yes, that is 2 500 000 dollars. For a watch. For 42 mm. in diameter on your wrist. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? If it does not then you are like me, a true watch (and Jaeger LeCoultre) lover who would gladly give 2.5 million away for this timepiece if had been a billionaire.


The tale of the most complex watch is not yet over. Did you think you’re giving away $ 2.5 million just for a watch? Even such a great watch. Well, Jaeger LeCoultre decided to be extra generous with its 30 lucky customers (as the series is only limited to 30 models, as I said before) and ‘gift’ 2 other, completely different watches! Here’s the full set that you get when you buy this masterpiece:


In addition to the most complicated timepiece in the world you get two more complex watches by Jaeger LeCoultre:

1. Reverso a Tryptique hybrid Mechanica (that is the square shaped one), which has not one but two faces when you turn it around, and a display of the star sky and a tourbillon. (cost is around $ 500 000)

2. My personal favorite gyrotourbillon, a spherical tourbillon movement, with a perpetual calendar and an AWESOME design, as well as the 8 day reserve. (roughly $ 500 000 if bought separately)

I would not write more about them, but I will show you one more thing, and that is how the watches are shipped and gifted to you…


Watches are shipped in a 1.5 meter tall safe

And here are some videos:


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