Louis Moinet Meteoris – The Most expensive modern wristwatch, or the intro to my new watch.

What is Louis Moinet? Its a watch manufacturer brand based in Saint-Blaise, Switzerland, named after the famous … monsieur Louis Moinet

Who was Louis Moinet? He was an extraordinary watchmaker of the 18th century, who was one of the first masters to make complicated watches, clocks and it was very recently discovered that he was in fact the ‘father’ or creator of the original chronograph.

Today, the watchmaker is known for its exclusive (mostly limited series of 1 or 12 watches) timepieces, made with very rare and exceptional materials like precious stones, or even meteorite parts. Louis Moinet Meteoris gets its name from the meteor pieces it has integrated into the dial of the watch. Today there are 4 different variations of the Meteoris and each has a different meteorite in it (Moon, Mars, Rosetta Stone, Asteroid) as well as a very nice looking tourbillon movement made of more than 50 small pieces.
MoonOn the picture is the Moon version, and you can see the black parts of the meteorite on the sides of the dial around the tourbillon.

The price of this watch is roughly $ 4.5 million. And its not the best watch – you can’t even see the time from the first time you look at it as your attention is dragged immediately to the magnificently made tourbillon movement on he bottom.

As there is not much else to say about this watch in particular I would like to take this opportunity and talk about other Louis Moinet watches and help you discover their beautifully crafted timepieces.

First, lets take a look at the Astralis:


It has two similarities to the Meteoris shown before: It also has meteorite pieces and a tourbillon movement. However in this 12 pieces limited version you have 4 different meteorite parts from Mars, Mercury, the Moon and the Sun at the 6 hour mark, and they move each 60 seconds. As well as that there is a chronograph featured in the watch, with a blue seconds arrow and a small offset dial counting 30minutes. This watch exists in different variations and materials, and the price for it is in the same range as the Meteoris.

Now you’re probably looking at these 5 million dollar watches and thinking to yourself that Louis Moinet is for billionaires only as not many people can afford to spend $5 million and not cause a big budget gap for their next couple of decades of life. And I am definitely not one of them. So why did I write in that its the introduction to my new watch? Well, lets just say there are much more affordable models of Louis Moinet.


Louis Moinet Tempograph

For example the Tempograph, Jules Verne Instrument, or my favorite Mecanograph (that I am about to buy and tell you all about it).


Louis Moinet Mecanograph

The Tempograph (around $30 000) features an arrow that counts down 10 seconds (the big arrow) and then goes back to the start. I’ve seen it live and to tell you the truth it looks pretty nice, although I did not like the overall look and feel of the watch.

The Mecanograph ($15 000) on the other hand doesn’t really have many cool features; however it looks amazing, especially with the open left part of the dial and the changing color of the face. As well as that the price is quite reasonable for this Titanium grade 5 made watch.


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