Predict weather on your wrist! Breva Genie 01 & Da Vindice

I decided to write another couple of posts before I get to review the soon to arrive Louis Moinet. This post is about weather forecasting.

What do you use your watch for? – Ask this question sometime in the mid 19th century, or even in the beginning of the 20th and you’ll hear a laugh. The obvious answer is .. to see the time. Today it wouldn’t be that obvious as with all the complications and add-ons the watch telling dial can be smaller than the moon phase or .. weather forecast. Yes, weather forecast in a watch.

Breva’s Genie 01, presented at the Baselworld 2013,  is what many believe to be the first “meteo” watch. However that is not true. The one watch I know that came out already before the ‘Genie 01″ was even announced was the Da Vindice Tourbillon Barometer.


Da Vindice Tourbillon Barometer

The Barometer at 6 o’clock shows the actual weather, so if its raining you can see it at home without going into your phone and instead relying on the mechanical indicator in the watch. Starting price is around $ 200 000.

BREVA-genie01-01_zps34910382And here’s the Breva Genie 01. This one has a more modern and appealing look to me personally (although this is a matter of taste). Unlike the Da Vindice it doesn’t have a tourbillon, and the focus is more on the weather forecast. To facilitate the reading it has pictures of sun, rain, clouds and storm. The altimeter (measuring altitude) can be found on the upper side of the watch. At 4 o’clock you can see the air pressure equalizer. With a power reserve of 65 hours it comes in a 44.5 mm case in a white and rose gold versions. It is limited to 110 pieces and the price for it is around $ 150 000. Personally, if I had to compare them and choose one I’d go for the Breva as both time and weather are easier to read and the shape is round. However Da Vindice delivered a very nice timepiece, that I would definitely recommend for a more classy person, especially if he prefers a more oval shape to the round one.

breva-Genie01-03_zps6bd3ba26 breva-genie-01-white-gold-watch-side


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